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Frederik Preisler
Partner, Creative Director.

Frederik Preisler was the original founder of Propaganda that subsequently became Mensch. He has worked with advertising and subjects of a more challenging nature for more than 20 years. From political communication to company vision. Frederik is characterized not only by his well-formulated words and strong opinion. His attitude is founded in the philosophy that communications should neither be stupid nor induce stupidity.

Frederik Preisler is an elected board member of The Royal Danish Art Academy, Chairman of the Board for the theater organization Holland House, member of Business Network VL2, and member of the board for The Danish Management Society (Dansk Selskab for Virksomhedsledelse), M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark and Art Gallery Gl. Stand (Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand.)

Mobile: + 45  26 15 19 97


Founding Partner Propaganda McCann
Creative Director Hiort, Stenius & Preisler
Copywriter Grey Danmark
Copywriter BBDO

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