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We’re starting a manhunt.

Our financial results for 2016 showed a profit of 7.4 million Danish kroner. But what’s the point of a good result if you don’t use it for something worthwhile? Right now, we’re looking for an Account Director who’s probably too good to apply for the job them self.

So, we’re putting out a bounty of 50,000 kroner for the recommendation that leads to an appointment. If you have a friend, colleague or even a competitor, with a minimum of eight to ten year’s agency experience, you might want to write a short recommendation here and make it quick.

He or she will have the responsibility for several major clients and must be able to manage processes and budgets with pedantic perfection. Write your short recommendation for your candidate to our new Account Director before June 1st. Should we employ them here at Mensch within the next three months, you’ll receive the DKK 50,000 bounty as thanks for your tip. If there are several who recommend the same candidate, we will impose the principle of, first come, first served.