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What do you want to happen?

Touch points are the points where a brand or company is in touch, and thus communicates with it’s audience. Modern brands have numerous touch points and the goal is to orchestrate of these, in a way that provides the receivers with the optimal brand experience.

The possibilities are almost infinite. But that is not the case, of course, with the budgets.

It is therefore essential, when prioritizing touchpoints, to define where the biggest challenges for the brand lie. Is it the awareness, reputation, values, product, price, buying experience, service or resale?

When it comes to touchpoints, you can become richer or poorer very quickly. The difference usually lies in the preservation of a clear overview.

Touchpoints services:

  1. Digital
  2. Social
  3. Film
  4. Print
  5. OOH (Out of Home)
  6. Mobile & apps
  7. In-store
  8. Sponsorship
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