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We reserve the right
to get smarter.

Validation ensures a project delivers satisfactorily to stakeholder and target groups. Validation can be executed through individual interviews, group interviews, web tests, questionnaires and all manner of other crafty methods.

Validation is an important process as it presents the possibility of improving most projects and if executed correctly also be used to provide assurances, gather valuable reflection and muster support.

Nonetheless, it takes psychological insight, empathy and experience to design and execute useful validation and moreover to provide recommendations based upon it. Which is precisely why we prefer to participate in the validation process, as either the executing party or in collaboration with external partners. As you get answers as you ask for. If you begin asking without first having strategic understanding and communicative experience, you risk ending up with indifferent or misleading answers.

Validation Services:

  1. Stakeholder validation
  2. Qualitative test
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