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Taking the piss at AEA.

Our “Beercycling” campaign for the Danish Agriculture and Food Council has been awarded an Advertising Effectiveness Award. We’re pretty pleased about that. An effective way of describing it is as follows: Recycle beery piss at Roskilde festival, spread over barley field, brew beer from the harvest and sell it at the festival again.

The jury said this:

“Beercycling is a great idea framed in the perfect environment, Roskilde Festival, where an optimal partnership raised the profile of both partners. From Piss to Pilsner couldn’t have been a better sustainable solution, which simultaneously generated relevant content in diverse media plaforms, directly engaging the target audience. The campaign achieved a huge amount of press coverage, actually the best in the organisations history, over 120 international media stories, over a million unique views on Facebook and over 500,000 unique users to date in Denmark.

The program Corporate Spin on TV2 also covered the campaign (ca. 7 minutes in)


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