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Who we'll be tomorrow.
A talk by Eva Steensig.

Eva Steensig, one of the country’s leading sociologists has created a unique talk on behavior change and consequences for business and society. Who will follow the politically-correct hipster? Who will replace the restrained consumer? And what happens after our love affair for all things digital?

Eva Steensig unveils the underlying trends and patterns that are beginning to indicate needs, which will soon to develop into dominant behavior.

Behavior that will change what we consider to be important, right and good. Behavior that will change what we buy and what jobs we consider worthwhile and challenging. Behavior that will change the world we live in.

“Reality often exceeds fantasy, when it comes to behavioral changes. Although there’s still an awful lot of ‘meat and two veg’ still being eaten, we’re also hell-bent on changing our daily lives these days.” Eva Steensig, sociologist.

The first lecture is already fully booked, but the plan is to hold another one. You can now sign up to be on the waiting list at Camilla Karstad on