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Wie ein Mensch.

It’s all in the name. We’re only as good as the people with us: Kind oddballs, brilliant eccentrics, who live off their intelligence, empathy, creativity, and more or less well-diagnosed oddities. But with this one thing in common: They all belong to the one percent of the most skillful within their field.

If you’re brilliant, you may write in all confidentiality to Managing Partner Christina Tønnesen at If you have more talent than experience, we suggest you wait a couple of years.


We don’t just do internships. We take them more seriously than most. You’re not going to work on petty stuff. You’re going to be thrown into projects that we ourselves find challenging. But on the other hand, you will come to work with some of the best creatives and project managers in this country. Let’s hear from you if you’re one of the best and brightest at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX), the Danish Design School, or at other relevant institutions. 

Here are a couple of relevant testimonies from former interns on their stint at Mensch:

“Mensch is not merely yet another place to do your internship. When you become a part of Mensch, you gain a family. A family that supports you, has your back, helps you along and helps you improve your skills. Mensch has the urge and the ability to help you learn things quickly and well. At Mensch, you’re not just another intern, but a part of the team. You’re seen and heard and get to participate on any number of projects. I’ve learnt many things at Mensch, but most importantly my creative skills have improved, and I now know how to distinguish great from less good. I have only good things to say about Mensch and give them my warmest recommendations.”
Ranva Beck Christensen, Intern Art Director

“While at Mensch, I learned the virtue of being a bit rebellious. So that now that I’ve been asked to write something brief and to the point on Mensch, I’m going to be slightly expansive. Mensch is a defiantly anti-commercial bureau, and I have taken to heart that attitude. Speaking of values, I learned how important it is have them – e.g. the value of putting purpose above profit. I learnt that seasoned people may have youthful minds; I was far from being the youngest at heart. Also, the great thing about working with experienced people is that their professional self confidence rubs off on you. I learned to believe in my own capabilities. (The only downside to experienced people is that they are so aware of what they want to eat that it’s virtually impossible to establish a subsidised luncheon arrangement to the satisfaction of all.).”
Sune Bruun, Copywriter trainee

“I was a trainee project manager at Mensch. But it felt like years – of real, useful experience. From day one, I was given the responsibility of running projects on an equal footing with some of the best creatives and project managers in this country. Along with the responsibility I was given and the trust I was shown, followed an expectation that I was able to go for projects on my own, and learning by doing. This might induce slight levels of anxiety – especially when you work alongside people far more experienced than yourself. But luckily Mensch is as humane as it is ambitious. And that balance gave me the space to develop – in both human and professional regards. When – as a mere trainee – you’re met with that level of trust there are practically no limits to what you may accomplish. Try it yourself!”
Cecilie Holmstrøm, Project manager Trainee. For 6 months

“At Mensch, there’s room to grow. Quite literally. During a mere two months internship I learned that creativity is a highly useful tool, and not just an empty buzzword. I learned that your ideas, thoughts, and emotions may be valuable to customers as well as colleagues. For at Mensch you learn that great communication consists in the balance between emotions and strategic thinking. This is a discipline that Mensch masters and is very good at teaching you. Whether the task at hand is a funny meme or a ponderous annual report, you always sense the people behind the product. And whatever your creative skills or your background may be, you will be challenged, cheered on, and allowed to show your colours. As long as you dare do your very best. For no less is expected. So if you’re thinking, ”Why on earth would I want to be in the creative business?”, the boisterous bureau in Bredgade is as close to an affirmative answer as you’ll get.”
Oscar Elliot Walsøe Busch, Former trainee, current friend

Write to managing partner Christina Tønnesen at