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Luckily, but not coincidentally.

Last year the lotteries of Danish Games turned a profit of more than 1 billion kr. to finance cultural and sports projects. Thus, the profit of Danish Games very directly turns into the gain of society. We don’t market the games, but the enterprise itself. And it’s all about purpose and responsibility.

For the betterment of all.

Many things have changed since Dansk Tipstjeneste made its first game available to the Danes in 1949. Tip funds have turned into distribution funds. And digitalization has massively expanded the gambling market. But the most decisive disruption occurred with the liberalization of 2012 which opened the gambling market to foreign giants such as Unibet, Ladbrokes and bet365.  

The remainder of the story is all about the ways in which a government monopoly thrives while exposed to competition. How hang on to fair play in a tough gambling market whilst at the same time delivering a massive surplus to Danish society year on year. 

For certain things haven’t changed in the wake of liberalization. The purpose of Danish Games is still to secure fair play on the gambling market and to finance a large number of societal cultural and sports projects.

The profit of Danish Games is directly funnelled into the distribution funds and typically there’s a billion kroner to do good with every year to all sorts of possible and impossible projects.

Danish Games is one of Denmark’s largest advertisers, but the Corporate Brand budget is significantly smaller than that of the individual games themselves. We have been working on the corporate brand of Danish Games for many years and helped build it both before and after the liberalization. Also, we’ve seen the brand value plummet in the wake of foreign competitors filing a complaint against the communication of Danish Games, and having it shut down for several years – based on a claim of purported monopolization. But in 2016, Danish Games decided to launch a new campaign to turn around the decreasing brand value.  

The goal was a ”significant increase in the positive impression of Danish Games” by qualifying knowledge of Danish Games and having a special focus on ownership, profit and responsibility.

Select results.

  • The positive impression of Danish Games went up from 19% to 25% during the first effort in 2017.
  •  The positive impression of Danish Games rose from 15% to 28% during the second effort in 2017.
  • The positive impression of Danish Games rose from 16% to 25% during the third effort in 2017.

  • In the period 2016-2018, the Corporate Branding campaign has had a ROI at 1,6.
  • As of 2017 the falling brand value have been put on hold and stabilized at 20%.

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