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We are expanding the circle of partners with one more human.

Another name joins the circle of partners at Mensch, which already consists of Christina Tønnesen, Frederik Preisler and Rune Hørslev.

Tobias Enné, Creative Director, has after two years of employment just been appointed partner at Mensch.

“It isn’t every day we welcome a new partner at Mensch. It requires something quite unconventional. And that is exactly what Tobias Enné is. Tobias is able to transform strategy into communication. He knows that the great idea is imperative for a good text. And that the first stanza is God’s gift, while the second is the work of the Devil.” Christina Tønnesen says.

“The idea of getting to work at Mensch was a silver bullet that has sharpened in my heart for many years. So, the possibility to not only work at Mensch, but being partner along with Christina, Frederik and Rune, makes one hand shake a bit and the other write better. I am extremely proud and humble to get the opportunity, and I am excited for our future teamwork.“ Tobias Enné says.