The Brain Prize

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Brain research has its prize.

The world’s largest brain research award. No less. Awarded by The Lundbeck Foundation to the world’s leading brain researchers. The award is set at 10 million Danish DKK (approx. 1,3 million €) and is a personal recognition and reward of an outstanding research effort.

But although The Brain Prize is quite well known in domestic and international research communities, surveys have shown that only few Danes know of the award and its history. Which is paradoxical. For brain diseases are a huge burden to society – and not least to the patients and their relatives. And brain diseases cost Denmark at least 100 billion Danish DKK a year in direct and indirect expenditures.

It is therefore important that brain research receives proper attention and is prioritized. For brain research is a main concern for all of us – not just the researchers.

We have squeezed our brains and – to the best of our ability – tried not to make communication too lowbrow.

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