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It’s their own energy.

The national energy company of Greenland, Nukissiorfiit, is in the midst of a green revolution concerning much else besides wind, water and coal. We have helped them do branding centred on making Greenland’s energy truly independent. Watch the campaign and their core narrative here.

Core Narrative.

Greenland’s area of two million square miles is merely the bare surface. Below it, profound questions to do with geopolitics, independence and resources reverberate. But perhaps as well an answer to some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Not least concerning energy.

Having 44,000 kilometres of coastal line, it’s no mean feat to distribute heat, power, and water all across Greenland. Or rather – it is our feat. Nukissiorfiit must provide energy to all inhabited areas of Greenland. And we’ve been doing this for 70 years, including on days resembling pitch dark nights.

It’s called duty to provide, but we like to think of it as ability to supply.

Ability to supply in the outermost regions, where the possibility of a single human being to start the diesel generator, makes all the difference between life and death. But as well mastering the pilot projects, shaping the future.

Because we dream of a Greenland independent of imported fossil fuels. Independent of the resources of any other country. Independent of the security policies and strategies of other countries.

We are fully capable on our own. We have the requisite energy and technology allowing Greenland to become green. We have an abundance of natural resources and vast experience dealing with renewable energy in extreme natural settings.

And thus, all necessary preconditions for becoming a pioneering country for conversion, green technology, and green innovation.
We aim to achieve 100% green energy supply in 2030. And we are well on our way. Already, 70% of our energy supply is green. Nuuk may become the world’s first green capital. Already, Ilulissat is the climate capital of the world.

But the next leap is even mightier. Economically, politically, and technologically. That require us to be able to attract the best employees. The brightest, strongest, and proudest. Regardless of gender, age, and ethnicity.

In short, we need the best. And they must choose us.
Not only because we’re a safe workplace in all senses of that word.

But because the energy of Greenland must be our own.

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Christina Tønnesen

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